Improving the city experience through design

We work with a special community of clients:

  • government
  • academia
  • infrastructure
  • non-profit

Bureau Blank is a design consultancy working with cities and the organizations that support them.

We call it GAIN: Government, Academia, Infrastructure and Non-profits. The builders, thinkers, investors and policymakers all working together to make our everyday experience better.

We help our clients communicate, collaborate and amplify their critical efforts through our expertise in: 

>  Logos
>  Visual identity systems
>  Brand guidelines

>  Data visualizations
>  Dynamic charts  
>  Theories of change

>  Website design and development
>  Web apps
>  User experience (UX) design and prototyping

>  Annual reports
>  Print communications

Public Awareness Campaigns
>  Copywriting for messaging and hashtags
>  Design for digital, outdoor, and print advertisements
>  Communication and content strategy

We work with clients in the GAIN sectors on issues like social equity, public policy, education, health, workforce, infrastructure and the environment. We believe that, by helping our clients connect with each other and fulfill their missions, we’re contributing to a better shared experience for everyone.

If you’re in GAIN, collaborating with GAIN or looking for meaningful projects, get in touch. Let’s work together to make people’s everyday lives a little (or a whole lot) better.

MBE Certified (New York City & New York State), DBE Certified (New York State)