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For over three years, our founder Dan Blank and I have been working closely together establishing the focus and overall strategy at Bureau Blank. We’ve accomplished amazing things with our partners, our clients and our team. We made a pivot into GAIN (Government, Academia, Infrastructure, and Nonprofit), working at the intersection of ideas and leaders driving positive change in our communities. As a result of projects we worked on following that pivot, we found that cities really are the epicenter of GAIN and someplace where our unique skills as an agency can have the most impact. That’s inspired us to focus our work on projects for cities and organizations that serve them. At the same time, we’ve built a team strong in both their expertise and commitment to that mission of improving the experience and quality of life for people living in cities.

As I transition into the role of Bureau Blank’s President and COO, with a clear mandate and an exceptional team, my focus will be on our clients’ experience, deepening our expertise, and increasing the impact we make in cities.

1. Client experience
Bureau Blank exists to do phenomenal work for our clients. I’m excited about building new partnerships and using the expertise our team has in GAIN to serve our clients in unexpected and delightful ways. One of our goals in working with you is to leave you with tools to continue and build upon our work using your own industry and personal knowledge. We call this empowering expertise.

2. Deepening our expertise in design
We fully embrace human centered design. It’s not a buzzword for us but a way to create meaningful work that finds real opportunities to solve problems. We talk about our UX practice here and how we think about wireframes for testing here. Part of my role is to ensure that we’re leveraging the best thinking in the way we do our work. This is done through continued training for the Bureau Blank team, participating in our local AIGA chapter, and through an iterative cycle where we create > learn > share > and create again.  

3. Impact for people living and working in cities
As Dan wrote here, I spent a good portion of my career working directly with the city of Jacksonville. That view from the inside paved the road that uniquely positions me to understand the challenges that cities and the organizations that support them face. As my role in the city evolved, I was ambitious and enthusiastic. It was also clear partnering with experts in design thinking to tackle challenges was one of the quickest and most successful paths to good solutions.

Bureau Blank is in a very unique position to bring that design thinking — coupled with our focus areas in GAIN —to solve the challenges that stand in the way of a better life for everyone. That thought encapsulates my tangible excitement about the projects we’ve already done (with New York City’s Office of Digital Services, Technology and Innovation, or with Living Cities) and the projects we’ll do next.

With my goals laid out, I’m curious, what are yours? How can we work better together? What’s your vision? What excites you about the work you do? I encourage you to send me a message.

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