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Bureau Blank’s new President & COO

On September 1, 2016, our Director of Client Service John Kester will be taking the reins of Bureau Blank as our new President & COO.

With our focus now squarely on working with cities and the organizations that support them, this is the perfect moment for a leader whose personal story combines years of experience working inside city government with designing communications and digital solutions to improve everyday life for people.

While those who’ve worked with him know John’s track record, including our collaborations with NYC’s Office of Digital Strategy, Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Infrastructure group or Living Cities, you might not know that he:

  • Spent nine years with the City of Jacksonville working on technology strategy, design and brand

  • Is six-sigma certified in continual process improvement

  • Has led human-centered design initiatives inside Jacksonville’s energy authority, with the NYC Department of Probation and with municipal leaders inside mayors’ offices across the country

  • Is a passionate advocate for the performing arts (both within our company and in New York City)

As Bureau Blank’s founder, I want to see our company continue to make a tangible and positive impact on the way we experience life in cities and for both our team and clients to thrive in the process. John brings an incredible combination of successfully leading our client engagements, helping to build an amazingly talented and multidisciplinary team, and years of hands-on experience in city government. He is singular in his ability to advocate for both client and team.

Having started Bureau Blank twelve years ago, I plan to start something new, undoubtedly building on what I’ve learned here. I am now excited to see what John and this incredible team can imagine, create and build for our clients and partners in the next twelve.

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