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Digital infrastructure for cities

New digital products are central to the value that thriving nonprofits bring to their stakeholders, partners and consumers. They have the power to define and reshape relationships between audiences, creating new sources of insight and expanding the way we think about generating meaningful content. We work collaboratively with clients to identify opportunities for new products.

By synthesizing insights from stakeholder behaviors, technology trends and the competitive landscape, we understand what it takes to raise the bar. From there, we develop the product vision—the opportunity at hand and the value proposition. In it, we prioritize the features that will bring the vision to life and spell out a roadmap to realize it.

Today, Cities of Service pioneers a digital experience as groundbreaking as their work, designed and built for robust expansion. The new product tells a story that is sustainable, highlighting systems-level impact that prioritizes compelling stories and results linked to the data collected. The communication used throughout the product is accessible, with an approach to communication that provides the user with simple language and multiple entry points.

Through managing stakeholder interviews and leading UX workshops, five strategic principles guided our process for launching concept to production in less than six weeks.

  • Nail the narrative. Each city, each mayor, and each project has its own story. We need a product that empowers audiences to capture what makes each perspective unique and powerful.
  • Curate more than we generate. Content generation is at a premium, and a key strength of Cities of Service is who they bring together in order to drive change. We will leverage quality content from our network in meaningful ways as we build capacity for robust content generation.
  • Elevate their value. Resources are essential to the stakeholders and consumers. We break them down into simple steps. Give impact areas their own spotlight, and own a taxonomy with logic that associates impact areas with specific resources.
  • Make access easy. Great stories need easy ways to be discovered, and we can inspire stickiness by tying in actions and measuring progress.


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