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Feel 100%, Work 100%

We recently explored how cities could make new policies easier to understand with outreach campaigns. On April 1, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs launched a campaign for the new Paid Sick Leave Policy with the tagline "Feel 100%, Work 100%." The hashtag #paidsickleave reached 380,000 unique Twitter users over the past week (4/1/2014 - 4/7/2014 Explorer Hashtracking report).

The goal of the campaign is to leave audiences with a clear understanding of the law and how it impacts their unique concerns. Strategy worked together with our design team to come up with core messaging below:

  • Positivity: The tone of voice should be uplifting and reflect a “can-do” spirit of work and productivity. 
  • Togetherness: The campaign should emphasize what both parties share and echo Mayor De Blasio’s “One New York, Rising Together” vision. 
  • Win-Win: The law has benefits for both parties – peace of mind for employees and productivity for businesses. Both benefit from keeping the other’s interests in mind. 
  • Credibility: DCA is uniquely qualified to lead implementation because working with 78,000 businesses in 55 industries makes the department very familiar with what matt ers most to NYC’s business owners.

The New York Times article, New York’s Paid Sick Leave Law Quietly Takes Effect, published 22 hours ago already has 75 comments. We are measuring the campaign's success with the following performance:

  • 311 metrics (includes requests for informational materials) 
  • Website metrics 
  • Social media usage 
  • Press coverage and interest 
  • In-person assistance 
  • Train the Trainer workshops 
  • Survey of stakeholders 

Shout out to us on Twitter to tell us what you think of the new campaign, or mention us on Instagram when you capture it on buses, phone kiosks, and subways. 


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