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Creating demand for change

What we mean by GAIN

In economics class we all learned about the law of diminishing returns, the point at which the more you pour into something the less you get back. What if we (society, the United States, the developed and developing world) had reached that point with the way we influence our own quality of life?

Since the industrial revolution we’ve operated under the assumption that in order to make life better we need product innovation. We need stuff that makes our daily experience easier and more enjoyable (cars, phones, clothes and video games). But in a way that’s peaked. There’s a product for anything and everything you could possibly imagine and chances are you can find some version for cheap at Walmart.

Meanwhile we’re all moving to cities (there’s plenty of writing out there on this subject: UNRockefeller FoundationWorld Bank).

So what if gains in our quality of life were no longer tied to innovation in products (because we’ve already got all the products we need) and instead it was now tied to the places we live and the public services and experiences available to us there? 

Well guess what, that’s what happened.

If you want better quality of life you have to think about what city you live in (or near) and what the services and experiences there are like (e.g. transportation, energy, healthcare, education, jobs, food).

And what if you wanted to improve any of these?

Well you couldn’t do it solely through the government or through a private company. You’d need the collaborative participation of both public and private sector and you might want to ask Academia for the best thinking and perhaps get Non-profits and foundations to invest.

That’s where we got GAIN. Government, Academia, Infrastructure and Non-profits. The builders, thinkers, investors and policymakers all working together to make our lives better.

So where do we fit in and why do you need a branding and design agency’s help?

Collaboration is the key. Without communication you cannot have collaboration. We build the brands, tell the stories and organize the knowledge and data that helps the GAIN sectors do two things: align public will and garner the mandate for change. If people get it they’ll want it and if they want it someone will fund it. The end.

Image: Living Cities' New Normal Report designed by Bureau Blank

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