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Goal Tracking Web App

The top priority of the New York City Department of Probation (DOP) is building safe, strong communities for all New Yorkers. The department’s Neighborhood Opportunity Networks (NeONs) are a key part of this commitment. Each NeON is a group of community organizations, government agencies, local businesses, and community residents focused on connecting probation clients who live in target neighborhoods to opportunities, resources and services. 

The NYC DOP asked Bureau Blank to explore ways that technology could be used to encourage positive behavior change among its clients, specifically goal setting and tracking. We equipped the DOP team with a simple tool for addressing a complex challenge: an app where probation clients earn points for community goals. The department’s approach is informed by a national trend towards “justice reinvestment,” which is a data-driven strategy to identify the drivers of costs in the criminal justice system and take innovation solutions to reduce them while maintaining public safety. When this platform is fully implemented by the NYC DOP and the NeONs it will truly be the first of its kind and provide a model for national departments to follow.

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