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Keeping America Moving

Tools to make the case for investing in high-speed rail

Our Client

Amtrak, America’s national passenger railroad service, operates routes along the Northeast Corridor, an area that covers 2% of the nation’s land but produces 20% of its GDP. Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor Infrastructure and Investment Development (NEC IID) division is devoted to building support for new projects in the region.


How can the NEC IID team streamline how it provides information to multiple audiences with unique concerns?


Bureau Blank built a website, "The Northeast Corridor," that organizes all the resources that the NEC IID team uses to connect with their stakeholders. For the first time, publications, maps, and infographics are online in a single place that is searchable and easy for anyone interested in the future of American rail to access.

Project Team

  • Josh
  • Sven