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Our Client

Founded in 2005 by Joseph Brandt and Reservoir Capital, ContourGlobal is an innovative energy company whose operations around the world are concentrated on developing markets. Their approach develops the most beneficial energy solution in each area to provide affordable, reliable electricity for people who need it most. What sets ContourGlobal apart are its commitments to health, safety, and responsible, ethical management. Innovation, execution, and citizenship are ContourGlobal’s hallmarks, and its communications reflect those values.


How do we help build ContourGlobal’s brand recognition amidst its rapid growth? How can we tell a story that reflects their successes and commitments, as it supports their mission of bringing energy to those who need it most? How can communications assets drive further valuation and new business opportunities for the company?


Bureau Blank created ContourGlobal’s overall communications strategy and helps to build their communications capacity. We developed ContourGlobal’s website, designed and drafted content for their annual sustainability reports, produced informative videos, organized and art directed on-site photo and media shoots, and created infographics and internal training resources for the company. Our work continues to build the team’s communications capacity to share ContourGlobal’s story more widely.

Project Team

  • Adrian
  • Dan
  • Josh
  • Sven