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Our Client

Living Cities works with cross-sector leaders in cities to build innovative urban practices aimed at dramatically, measurably improving the economic well-being of low-income people. Their member-based model draws expertise and financing from a philanthropic collaborative of 22 of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions. Living Cities’ core values driving all of their work are collaboration, innovation, leadership, and impact; those values speak to the people, processes and systems that can change lives.


Living Cities’ complex array of projects and work needed a visually engaging design and content strategy to enable effective communication with members, stakeholders and the public.


Since 2008, Bureau Blank has helped the organization on myriad, dynamic communications projects, from branding, designing websites, print and interactive annual reports (including Disrupting InequalityThe New Urban Practice and #HereandNow), creating a suite of great-looking events materials, including motion graphics and even 3D-printed awards. Each time, we consider the audience and nuanced policy approaches Living Cities deploys in its work.

Project Team

  • Adrian
  • Dan
  • Josh