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New York University has grown immensely in prestige, geographic size, academic scope and enrollment since 2002. NYU is not only a top-rated major research university, but also among the largest in the United States, with an enrollment of over 22,610 students among its 18 schools and colleges.


With such a large scale, how can NYU tell a story of complex data in compelling, user-friendly language?


To tell the story of growth and achievement in a clear, concise way online, Bureau Blank collaborated with the university's communications team to create NYU By The Numbers. We delivered content strategy, design, and development to organize large amounts of data into a compelling narrative with simple user experience. To expand the “By The Numbers” story, we built Millennium In Motion to incorporate more interactive features and high quality video, allowing the voices of NYU community members to add a personal touch to the narrative.

Project Team

  • Adrian
  • Josh
  • Sven