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The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is the city’s agency for consumer protection and labor rights. Their work affects New Yorkers every day as they eat, shop and work. It guides employees and all city residents on business laws, labor rights, consumer protection, and financial empowerment. It assists businesses in navigating the regulatory landscape to be successful - a “win-win” strategy that means what’s good for customers is good for businesses.


Because it addresses so many audiences with unique priorities, DCA often uses public outreach and information campaigns to promote specific initiatives. Campaigns must effectively empower diverse audiences to improve their working lives and everyday experiences.


We collaborated with the DCA team to create materials to advise business owners about their rights and responsibilities and encourage New Yorkers who earn under $60,000 to use the City’s free tax prep services. Most notably, we helped announce the expanded Paid Sick Leave law with "Feel 100%, Work 100%" ads placed all around the city.

The Paid Sick Leave campaign touched all 5 boroughs with ads and events that drove hundreds of thousands of inquiries to 311 and the agency website in the law’s first year. Approximately 145,000 New Yorkers used the tax prep services in 2015, a 50% increase over the previous year.

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